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DJI Warranty: Proof of Quality Deliverance

May 27, 2021 | 0 comments

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DJI Warranty Basic Knowledge

DJI offers a limited warranty on the drones, gimbals, and camera modules that they sell. The warranty covers any manufacturer defects that occur during the normal and intended use of the product. It is true that DJI makes some of the best drones on the market.

With their impressive specifications and innovative features, DJI drones have remained a popular choice. Despite some drones being more affordable than they used to be, they are still not cheap.

DJI drones come with a limited warranty to protect buyers in the event their drones are damaged due to manufacturing defects.

That means if there’s a manufacturing defect that happens during the warranty period, DJI will replace it for you. But what does that really mean? What does the warranty cover and what doesn’t it cover? We’ll show you what DJI’s warranty covers and what to avoid. Additionally, you’ll learn how to make sure your drone is actually brand new.

DJI’s limited warranty policy – what are the terms?

All brand new DJI drones are automatically covered by a limited warranty. Those who want to take advantage of this policy must purchase DJI products directly from DJI or from authorized retailers. You need to always make sure that you are buying from an authorized seller in order to get the warranty. The warranty also applies to refurbished drones purchased directly from DJI.

How does the limited warranty work?

The limited warranty ensures that the product is defect-free thanks to the manufacturing process and the materials used. Additionally, DJI guarantees that their products will function normally as long as they are used as intended. This is defined in the DJI product material and manuals. Different products have different warranty periods, and the warranty period usually starts on the day the product is delivered.

If you find that your drone is not working as intended during the warranty period, contact DJI’s after-sale service. You can contact them by phone, email, or chat to diagnose and resolve your problem remotely. You may be asked to install upgraded software or to send a copy of the flight log. Some repairs can be done with simple steps. This will avoid having you ship the drone back to them.

If you’re unable to solve the issue, you may be asked to send them your drone. If the problem falls within the scope of the warranty, any repair or replacement service will be free of charge.

Please keep in mind that DJI reserves the right to repair your drone and return it to you. You may also receive a refurbished drone that has the same appearance and functionality as the original. The replacement drone you get from DJI may have a completely different serial number, as the company guarantees the drones are practically brand-new.

To be able to apply the DJI warranty when needed, what should I avoid doing?

A limited warranty may sound great, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that the warranty can be annulled by a host of acts on the part of the user. It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover damage that was not caused by a manufacturing defect. It could also be related to pilot error, incorrect use of the drone, or low battery-related crashes. Be cautious of radio interference when flying your drone, as this can also cause damage that isn’t covered by the warranty.

A second way to lose your warranty is to buy and use parts from unauthorized vendors. A drone’s warranty will also be voided if you make unauthorized adjustments, modifications, or repairs.

We strongly recommend getting in touch with DJI’s after-sales service in case of problems with your drone during the warranty period. Unfortunately, it will be a few weeks before you will be able to use your drone while it is repaired. Rest assured, however, that after the period prescribed, you will love having your drone back once again.

What can I do to make sure that I was returned a brand new drone?

Are you truly sure that the DJI drone that you own is a brand new one despite all the talk of new drone warranty policies? Nowadays, DJI drones are sold everywhere. You can always purchase directly from DJI, but sometimes it may be more convenient or practical to purchase from an authorized retailer.

Could it be that the drone I bought is not really brand new? The answer is yes, especially if the drone is purchased from authorized DJI retailers. Several people have reported that they purchased old and refurbished drones without their knowledge.

To solve this dilemma, DJI has provided a convenient and quick solution. The serial number of your DJI drone can be given to a DJI after-sales agent. Afterward, they will give you the drone activation date and confirm whether the drone is brand new or not. Likewise, this is a quick and easy way to determine whether your limited warranty policy still applies to your drone.

Final thoughts

DJI’s warranty policy is exactly that – limited. The warranty only lasts for a short time and only covers damage that was caused by manufacturing defects. It does serve as an assurance, however, that DJI’s products are always of high quality. Their promise is that the drone you received was made using standard DJI processes and materials.

Consider DJI Care or DJI Care Refresh if you want a warranty or insurance policy with extra coverage. While they cost more, they will offer unmatched peace of mind when you use your drone. Having accidental damage coverage will give you peace of mind.

It is important to keep in mind that it is your responsibility to always be careful when flying the drone. Besides causing damage to your drone, flying a drone outside of its intended purpose can be dangerous for everyone. When it comes to flying, the best warranty policy is to have a sound and practical mind.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to write in our comment box below.

Fly safe and stay profitable!


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