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How To Start A Drone Photography Business

Apr 26, 2021 | 0 comments

Note: Keep safety and responsibility in mind when flying. If you’ve never flown before, it’s never too late to learn. Find a hands-on Training near you.

 In order to legally operate a drone business, you will need a Part 107 License. If you want to pass the test on your first try, take a Prep Course.

This is a concise and actionable post on completing a successful business plan for your drone photography business.

Starting a drone photography business will allow you to take your hobby and turn it into a money-making venture. It’s a great way to supplement your income in today’s tough economic times, and it still allows you to spend time doing what you love.

Why Start A Drone Photography Business?

There are many reasons why starting a drone photography business would be a good idea. If you are an avid enthusiast and spend countless hours looking at drone photos online or sharing your own drone shots with others, then this may be a great way to take your hobby and turn it into a money-making venture. You might even come up with new ideas for your hobby during this process! Starting a business also allows you to make some extra cash doing what you love – the only thing better than that is making money without doing anything at all. If you strike it big, you can eventually quit your full-time job and fly drones as a full-time gig.

Goals & Guidelines

Before you start, there are some things that you should be aware of for your success. As a drone photographer, you have a few goals that will help you and your business on the right track.

Make A Plan on How you’re going to make money

You’re going to want to make money as soon as possible and you will need to have a laid out plan to make sure you do. If you can’t do it quickly, don’t worry, you only have to keep trying and never give up. This is why having a business plan in place is critical for success. Having a good idea of what to sell and how to sell it will help make this goal more realistic.

Market yourself and your Drone Photography Business

The drone photography community is growing at a rapid rate, but there is still a lot of room for new entrepreneurs. If you can provide a fresh perspective and a new take on what it means to be a drone photographer, you will have no problem getting clients.

You need to market yourself well if you want to be successful. When someone searches for “drone photography” online or in the yellow pages, they are likely looking for someone that can help them with their problem or fulfill their needs. You need to come up with an idea that will help your prospects solve their problems and then come up with ways to market yourself and your business around those ideas.

Research affordable drones

You will need a drone, but not everyone can afford to buy one of the most expensive ones on the market. You should research drones that are available in your price range and take some time to read reviews by actual people who actually bought and used the drones. This will help you get an idea of which is best for your needs and what you can expect from each model.

You can always visit our Reviews page and get details of all the drones that we have reviewd ourselves. Alternitavly, we recommend the below three drones as our preferred choices due to their pricing and technology capacities.

DJI Mini 2: This is the most affordable, high-technology drone on the market. This little light-weighted flyer will get you on the air flying, taking amazing pictures and film in no time. Super easy to learn and does not require to be registered due to weighing only 249g. Do note that although you can make extraordinary works with the DJI Mini 2, it’s not a full-fledged professional drone like the other two drones below and does have some limitations, but it sure is a great drone to start with.

Click here to check the Mini 2’s specs on the DJI website for details.

DJI Air 2S: The newest and most advanced technology addition to the DJI family. Extremely high-quality film and stills at an amazing price. This is one of the most portable and professional drones out there.

Click here to check the Air 2S’ specs on the DJI website for details.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom: The flagship drone of the DJI family. Released in 2018 and still one of the highest-reviewed drones in the market. With this drone, you will be able to cover all your photography business needs. Able to perform great images and also supports 3D mapping.

Click here to view the Mavic 2 Pro’s specs on the DJI website for details.

Drone Photography Business Plan

Before you begin to make your business plan, you should take some time to determine what your clients want. There are many different types of business plans. You can choose to use one of these as a base, or you could start from scratch. Whichever way you go, it’s important that you spend some time putting together a solid business plan.

Choose your terrain; Choose your clients

Do you enjoy going outdoors and places hard to reach? Do you enjoy visiting big houses? It’s important to know what types of photos you will be taking when you’re in the field. Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult to land a client for your business.

Getting a drone license

Since you wanted to start a drone business, you need to apply for an FAA license. Some places have no rules set up for them, while other places do not allow them at all.

Learn more: Drone License: Getting your Part 107 Certification – FAQ

Flying a drone is a big responsibility. You must make sure that you understand the law and that what you plan to do is safe for others. Make sure that everyone around your flight zone is aware that you are flying a drone. Don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Learn more: Important Things You Must Know Before You Fly

Consider getting a drone insurance – This step is one that many people do not take. When you’re flying a drone, you are putting your business and others at risk. As such, this is something that you should think about doing before purchasing a drone. The last thing you want to do is crash into someone or something while you are flying. This could lead to major money problems in the long run.

Learn more: 5 Reasons why you need Drone Insurance

Create Your Drone Photography Portfolio

You will need to create a portfolio for potential clients to view your drone photography skills. If you don’t have a video or picture portfolio already, you should start one now.

Share Your Work on Social Media

After you have taken your drone photos or videos, it is time to share them on social media. This is the best way to promote your brand. You should spend time each day posting new content on various social media sites.

Promote your work

Now that you have uploaded all of your drone pictures and videos to social media sites, it’s time to begin promoting them. You need people out there who are interested in what you are doing and how you do it. You can use a variety of methods such as:

Don’t Overcharge for Drone Photography Work.

If you price yourself too high, it may be very difficult for you to find clients in a short amount of time. Make sure you do your research on how other pilots are charging for their drone photography services.

Learn more: A Guide on Pricing your Drone Photography Services

Fly your drone! – Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to fly your drone and take some amazing pictures.

Fly safe and always remember to have fun!


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