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A Guide on Pricing your Drone Photography Services

May 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Note: Keep safety and responsibility in mind when flying. If you’ve never flown before, it’s never too late to learn. Find a hands-on Training near you.

 In order to legally operate a drone business, you will need a Part 107 License. If you want to pass the test on your first try, take a Prep Course.

When it comes to drone photography pricing, how much is too much? How do you determine the fair price of a service?

As with most industries, there are no simple answers when it comes to pricing. But if you ask someone who has worked in the industry for a while about what their thoughts are on pricing in this industry, they will explain a few of the common pricing models that can be used. For example, some companies use an hourly rate or per-image delivery. There may be also some bidding systems where potential clients may get bids from several different vendors and offer them different discounts and deals for taking their business.

In this guide, we break down 8 ways you can set your prices for your new aerial services.

1. Direct Pricing Drone Photography

Offer a fixed price for all of your pricing options. This ensures that everyone is paying the same rate regardless of the type of shoot or service provided. You are in complete control of your pricing. There are no hidden fees or charges that will take your clients by surprise. Not only do you know exactly how much each shoot will cost before it begins, but your clients will be able to budget their sessions and plan for everything upfront.

2. Fixed Price Per Drone Photography Service

Offer a set price for each service and sell them individually after the session is finished. This allows you to charge a use rate for each different service type. For example, you can sell wedding packages with all of the accessories and also a basic photo session fee. You can set a price for image usage either on a per-image basis or a per-hour basis. Customers will not need to worry about overcharging and you will be guaranteed to get paid for your business every time your customers take one of your images.

3. Budget Pricing

Offer your services on two tiers with one budget option and one higher-end option. You can also offer discounted services to repeat customers. This system allows you to give clients a basic service that will encompass most of what they need for their shoot, but give them a higher-end option if they want to spend more on a per-image basis. You must ensure that your rates are priced competitively and that the higher-end option is still accessible to most customers.

4. Hourly Pricing on your Drone Photography Services

Charge by the hour for all or a portion of your services. Calculate your hourly rate based on what you think is fair and reasonable for your services. Some services are better suited for this pricing system, such as drone shooting and aerial filming of events. You should offer a per-image option as well, in case some clients want usage of the images after the event is over.

5. Standard Package Drone Photography Pricing

Offer a standard package option and use add-on pricing to cover anything not covered in the package. This gives you great flexibility when pricing because it allows you to combine services and products into a single price point. Bundle your drone services with other goods or services that you provide. For example, bundle a drone service with a photography session for a discounted rate.

6. Reverse Package Drone Photography Pricing

Offer your service for a single price point and allow customers to choose from a list of add-ons. Customers will have to open up their wallets for additional expenses if they want extras. This system allows you to price your services competitively and keeps everything simple for clients. Give customers the option for additional accessories, such as a tripod or spare battery for their drone photography session. This allows you to charge an extra fee and make a second profit on that product. At the same time, it also gives you a way to give clients exactly what they want at no additional cost.

7. Fully Customized Pricing

Offer customization options like product or service upgrades, and charge an extra premium for this option. Ensure that you provide the most popular options at the lowest price points so most customers can afford to upgrade. Some of the most popular upgrades include filters, drone camera gimbals, and drone rotor blades. Offer customized pricing options like discounts for multiple purchases, quantity discounts and exceptions. Ensure that the customer always pays less than what your lowest priced product is in order to gain the discount.

8. Flexible Package Pricing

Offer a range of different package options and allow you to determine the pricing based on what customers choose. This is great for companies where clients may want specific needs met that are very difficult or costly to complete, such as drone photography services in rural areas.

Final Thoughts on Pricing your Drone Photography

If you are in the market for new drone photography services, it is time to get your prices figured out, and the best way to go about doing this is through experience and research. Take a look at how other companies price their services so you can get a feel for how much to charge your customers. Start with a direct or fixed price, such as a one-time fee for a photo shoot. Then try to figure out a way to structure your pricing so that you can make money on every single sale.

Using a pricing system is the best way for you to get your business off the ground. Set your prices competitively and figure out a way to make money on every sale. The Internet has made it incredibly easy for small businesses to take the leap into the world of drone photography services. No matter what kind of business you are in, getting started with a pricing system will boost sales and help you get customers excited about your work.

As a drone photographer, you would want to start marketing your business as soon as possible. You will need to have the basic knowledge on the proper approach in making way for your business promotion. A huge part of this is knowing how to properly price your service. Pricing it too high can stifle sales and pricing it too low could result in the service being less valuable than your clients perceive it to be.

How do photographers in you area charge for their services? Is there anything you can do to be more competitive? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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